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” In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies , but the silence of our friends.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

8 thoughts on “Speak Your Mind!

  1. “Your the one people are jealous of so stand up to them and accomplish something great in life so the respect can come towards you”

  2. I like your page, because it has good stories. I’m now being bullied by comments on reviews. I’m a writer and self publish my own work on amazon. I had reported the bullying comments to them, but they said they couldn’t take them down. I was able to write on that page and reply to those awful comments. To my surprise one of the reviewers became very hostile towards me. He or her called me names and accused me of following them around. They even told me if I kept writing and replying to his comment that he or she was going to report me. I’m an author and I know that not everyone will like our work, but some of those reviews were not about the book. They are degrading me as a person. One even called me an illegal alien. I have heard about these types of bullying with other authors. No one can help us with these types of comments. I’m finally writing around about them now.

  3. people bully me but when we go to lunch so I stay with my teacher and this is everyday of school. people don’t like me so I work by myself and at the back of the room. the teacher asks me why I don’t like to work with people and I say ” Their bullies and they bully me at lunch and they treat me differently”. the teacher asks if I’m ok and ” I say I’m fine but I’m not really”. I am scared they will say something again. People in my class ask me why I don’t go to lunch and I say ” Because I’m not hungry but I really am hungry” lunch is 3rd period and we have 6 periods.

  4. Hi. My name is Sarah. I’m fifteen. Right now, I’m on Page 97 of Dear Bully, and I had to stop to tell you how much reading this means to me.
    Bullying happens. It’s horrible and scary, and sometimes completely invisible, maybe even to the victim. I know I’ve been on the receiving end often enough, and it scares me in retrospect to worry that I might have caused the same negative feelings that I’ve felt too many times. And let me say this, as a girl trapped for two more years in a concrete box full of insecure teenagers. This book is amazing. It says so many things that I’ve thought but never said.
    I remember my first conversation with my therapist. She was assessing me, trying to figure out if there were more immediate concerns beyond the depression and anxiety I’d told her I probably had. She asked me if I’d ever considered suicide. I told her of course I had, everyone had.
    A boy from my school was quote “found dead in his home” last year. I never knew him. He was a year older than me. For some reason, he stuck in my mind. Just his name. It was a common name, but a nice one, and I just kept thinking and thinking about it. I don’t know why. Nobody even mentioned him after the principal made the announcement. But a few days later, I was in my Journalism class, helping to format the yearbook. We were doing this thing where we passed sheets out to homeroom teachers and had their students complete sentences. I believe… I wish… I know… We all had stacks of papers. We were supposed to go through them and pick out the good quotes to go on the tops of pages, with the student’s name and grade beside them. And there he was.
    “I believe everything is morbidly beautiful,” he said.
    He’s on Page 81 of the yearbook, that little quote. Apart from his picture, there’s no other mention of him. Like I said, I never knew this guy. But it makes me think. About dying. About never growing up and having a chance to do all the things I want to do, and how that isn’t what I want.
    I’ve been bullied for as long as I can remember. See, I cry easily, and that’s apparently funny. I make weird jokes. I’m incredibly introverted and shy. I’ve been forced to eat dirt on the playground and whispered about behind my back. High school can be monstrous and even dangerous. Things never got physical for me, but the emotional toll is there. I can remember the faces of everyone who pitched in, even though they’ve likely long forgotten me. So this book touched me, hard, like I’ve said before.
    Maybe the most powerful thing is the sentence inside the front flap. You are not alone, it says.
    You see, I want to be a writer. It’s what keeps me going, the number one thing I use to chase the sadness away when it creeps up on me. And to hear these things from other people who’ve been where I am and LIVED is incredible. It’s amazing to feel so hopeful.
    So thank you. From the bottom of my heart. For writing this book, and for sharing your stories. This means so much. Thank you.

    • Hi, Sarah!

      Your email was a wonderful way to start 2016 for me. I personally forwarded it to each and every person involved in DEAR BULLY, because I believe that it will touch their hearts in the same way that it touched mine. When we started to pull this book together in 2010, my own daughter, Piper, was 8 years old. She is now 13 and the book has become more relevant to her and to her friends. This is an issue that unfortunately runs through everyone’s lives in some way. Whether you are being bullied by a family member, a peer, a former friend, a co-worker, or just because of the way you look, act, speak, dress, etc., bullying hurts. It stays with you long after the bully has forgotten.

      This book was intended to show teens that you are NOT alone. Everyone goes through it in some form. There are some authors in this book who still may be going through a form of bullying, whether it be online or at work or in a personal relationship. But as adults, we have learned the tools to deal with such situations. Teens and children do not have those tools at their disposal yet. Fortunately, since the publication of this book, anti-bullying has become a top priority in schools, workplaces and governments around the world. Yet no matter how widespread the talking points are about how to combat it, each individual has to deal with it in their own way. While the topic of bullying has become worldwide, if you are dealing with it personally, you can still feel very alone. This is why we wrote this book. For you and for the millions of others who are dealing with bullying on a daily basis. When the authors of this book came together, our goal was that if we could help just one person, then we have succeeded. Thank you for sharing your story and letting us know that we have achieved our goal.

      Warmest and best wishes for an amazing 2016,
      Megan Kelley Hall

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