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How NOT to deal with bullies

The most ridiculous advice ever! Jezebel.com obtained a flyer sent home to 5th grade students in Lincoln, Nebraska on how to deal with bullies. These “rules” include the worst pieces of advice on how to handle bullying that we’ve ever seen.

“Rule #2 Treat the person who is being mean as if they are trying to help you”  What?!

“Rule #7 Do not tell on bullies.”  Did a bully actually write these so-called “rules”?

We are hoping that the parents of the children at Zeman Elementary School have a nice long talk with their kids to undo the damage that this flyer could potentially have caused. 



Want to know how to prevent your kid from being bullied? Read this.

Young Child Looking Sad

I get asked all the time, “What can I do to prevent my child from being bullied?” You need to build up your child to the point where bullies’ words and taunts fall on deaf ears. You need to make your child’s self-esteem indestructible. You need to NOT break your own child. Read more in this brilliant post by Dan Pearce about building a better kid.

Celebrity Makeup Blogger Kandee Johnson Offers Advice on Dealing with Bullies


Celebrity Makeup Blogger Kandee Johnson delivers a beautiful and inspiring way of dealing with people who bully and use hateful words to bring people down. She shares her love for her followers and lets them know that they are beautiful, strong and loved. A victim of bullying herself, Kandee has joined the Love is Louder campaign. For more information on the Love is Louder campaign, click here. For Kandee Johnson’s YouTube channel, click here.