How NOT to deal with bullies

The most ridiculous advice ever! obtained a flyer sent home to 5th grade students in Lincoln, Nebraska on how to deal with bullies. These “rules” include the worst pieces of advice on how to handle bullying that we’ve ever seen.

“Rule #2 Treat the person who is being mean as if they are trying to help you”  What?!

“Rule #7 Do not tell on bullies.”  Did a bully actually write these so-called “rules”?

We are hoping that the parents of the children at Zeman Elementary School have a nice long talk with their kids to undo the damage that this flyer could potentially have caused. 



2 thoughts on “How NOT to deal with bullies

  1. Actually, I use this approach, and I have taught it to my own kids who have used it with good success. The rules are part of an approach which gives you more power than the person who is trying to tease/bully you. It was created by Israel Kalman who has extensive materials on his website, and is demonstrated by Brooks Gibbs who has fantastic videos you can find on YouTube.

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