Rookie Magazine joins the conversation.

Awesome new online mag for teens Rookie (which Dear Bully contributor Stephanie Kuehnert is a part of!) joins the conversation about bullying.

In editor Tavi Gevinson’s words:

Trying to talk seriously about bullying is hard . . . This is the first in a series of posts in which we try to have that conversation.

2 thoughts on “Rookie Magazine joins the conversation.

  1. Dear Girl’s,
    I know there are girls that are your bestfriends but sometimes they will just stab you in the back. One day i was hanging out with my boyfrined and my bestfriend came over and started talking to me i said hey they my boyfriend said hey there! and winked at her i thought my heart dropped into my toes..i was really upset. the day after that he dumpped me for her. I was standing there at my locker in school she comes and talks to me shes ike i heard you and him broke up? yeah i said, He came over and kissed he on the forehead. Then they she looked at me like you know you want him but you cant have him because hes mine now. then they started making out and she rolled her eyes at me and they helled hands and just walked away,he looked back and i started crying i ran into the girls restroom wipping the tears runing down my face with a papertawel.just wateing for he rto walk in here saying im sorry but it never happend…so when i got home he caled me and hes like sorry but lets just be friends still so im like ok thats fine because the only thing he did to me was dumped, well after that she called shes like hey im sick of fihgting with you lets just be friends again im like ok im giving you justone more chance. shes like ok then the next day i got on facebook and then i saw what she said she said im done with everyone getting mad at me for who i date if you got a problem with it f…. off! So tell me do you think i should be her friend still?

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